“What if there was a solution that you’re simply not yet seeing…discover the keys to fulfillment and efficacy in education.”


Don’t think about it…

take action…dive into the journey today

This book is for EVERYONE…a journey to fulfillment and efficacy!


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Personal Development is the NEW PD!

“Every educator deserves to feel the fulfillment of the passion which called them into teaching–and it’s so possible!  Every student deserves to be in the presence of an educator who is aligned with this ultimate satisfaction–daily, and in fact the evolution of the system is dependent upon JUST THAT.”



Imagine what it would be like:


  • To RE-IGNITE YOUR PASSION and never burn out!
  • To be CAUSAL for more of what DOES work…even when it doesn’t look that way!
  • To unleash INFINITE POTENTIALS as the field!


 “You cannot solve a problem within the same consciousness
as which it was created.”
 ~Albert Einstein~

~”Do not conform ourselves to this age
but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…”
~Romans 12:2~


Dear Educator!  Perhaps like you, I was tending towards burn-out in the field of education. I was working hard and feeling pressed to always do more for improving students’ motivation and academic achievements, yet, felt I was running low on energy and creativity no matter how many workshops I attended, or ‘mental health’ days I took off!  And I could feel the walls of the  perceived institution closing in on me, as high-stakes testing, budget cuts, and all sorts of demands from ‘out there’ seemed to be imploding on my dream to JUST TEACH!

And then…

In the midst of taking on personal growth and development in attempt to iron out my personal life, a whole new world of possibilities opened up, I was witness to a vision for education.

It is possible to LOVE TEACHING, all the while BE-ing CAUSAL for transforming the field:)…making a difference for infinitely more than just one…even when it doesn’t look the way we expect it to look.  BreakDOWN is breakTHROUGH.

It is possible to move bravely and boldly towards that ONE THING that’s been calling from the depths of your soul to create, and to know for sure it’s being supplied and supported.


And I offer this with the most heartfelt intention that what lies ahead for you is an expansively, infinitely richer experience in the field, or beyond.  The inward journey begins NOW!

Peace and Possibility to you!

Love and Light!


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