TEACHERS BE Moana in the Classrooms

You know, it’s that feeling you get when you walk out of a powerful movie, like Moana or Wonder Woman.  

That feeling like all you have to do to transform the world is to BE the presence of absolute knowing that knowing ITSELF is the dominator.  

It’s the absolute, no doubt, for sure feeling that you’ve accessed the reality of everything falling into the right place…the path made straight and clear before you.

It’s the knowing Disney’s Moana held as she stepped bravely towards the Lava Monster …knowing that her knowing of who the Lava Monster truly was empowered her to step towards the dreaded unfettered.

It’s the absolute knowing that Wonder Woman held as she walked unscathed through No Man’s Land, and later when she knew that love would conquer the hate in the world.


And it’s this power which resonates deeply and truthfully from within when you’ve experienced a reality of a world awake, empowered and enlightened, having pierced the veil of the illusion of the drama, and boldly stand in this absolute knowing unfettered by the perception of darkness… knowing that it is the knowing … that is opening a portal to the reality where more good than evil unfolds more effortlessly and with certainty.

I cease needing to convince anyone or to prove anything.  I simply stand as this knowing Presence.  Knowing that the knowing … is the vibration met by the SOURCE of all creation which we are indivisible of.  Yes, our belief and our conviction is causal for greater good because we are indivisible of creatorship…the invisible becoming visible moment by moment before us.

So I revel in this high vibration of conviction of the ALL Good.  I revel in the simplicity of knowing.  Knowing that knowing is causal.

Knowing that where I place my attention and focus matters to the reality I desire to experience in the physical world.

Understanding and believing that the perfection and beauty and pure joy in the yet unconditional, the invisible, the field which itself experiences anything the “I” imagines, is collapsing into and as the present moment reality now and now and now.

“I” in joy.  

“I” mentally bring my vibration up to speed with the Creator Knowingness that is everywhere present as the whole sum of my BE-ing…witnessing it all as the Witness Itself…witnessing the “I”.  Witnessing the “I” practice a love vibration.  Witnessing the “I” practice a vibration of appreciation.

Witnessing the unwitness-able, because it, though not an it, is that which witnesses.

Be Cause so much more is possible than we have dared to focus upon so far.


It’s who we really are.

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SELF is the new selfish in education

Let’s ditch the negativity on being “selfish” and reframe it altogether…at least for a short trial period, say, 6-ish or 7-ish days.  

Teach BE-CAUSE bringing possibility to education

Negativity simply perpetuates circumstances, relationships and physical conditions which are a match to it.  Negativity, such as feeling guilt or shame once you’ve noticed that you yourself have been selfish, simply doesn’t serve your well-being.  It manifests as bad luck, disfunctional relationships, poor health, and so on.  You are always getting evidence to prove what you are a vibrational match to, have you noticed?


And, too, negativity such as feelings of resentment, anger, hate and revenge towards others whom you have deemed are themselves being selfish, does not create a space for expansion, freedom, growth and harmony in this world.  At least for the moment, ditch the notion that you are here to put everyone else in their right place.


Let’s think of self-ish sort of like when you tell your friend, “I’ll be there around 2 ish.”  Let’s zoom in on the SELF…the awareness that we experience having life seeing through these eyes….the awareness that we experience when we get still and notice that the breath is breathing on its own without having to put it on the TO DO list.  Close your eyes and notice all of the senses which are functioning on their own…


and the awareness…


the awareness of all of this…




Yes…something existing PRIOR to all of the senses which are perceived…awareness itself…


When we function as a human BE-ing from this absolute place of the SELF awareness…we take full response-ability for the life unfolding before us…as us.  We let go of trying to manipulate what’s happening out there in the world, and align with the fullness of inspiration coming from within…Divinely In-spired.


Living from the inside out, we notice that people, circumstances, and conditions now begin to unfold in accordance with a new vibe.  SELF only knows how to be limitless, harmonious, untouched by circumstances, people and conditions, for IT is in a place of absolute awareness of it all so cannot BE it.  


All perceptions are seen within IT, thus, IT can never be scarred, limited, broken or abused…all those stories that the person tells itself from a more limited perspective of what is.




Live from the perspective of SELF.


The invisible…

The unseen…


The absolute field of the nonphysical which unfolds as the physical world life experiences before you moment by moment, day by day.


IT exists.


The circumstances, people and conditions that you prefer in your life DO exist already in this non-physical, yet unmanifest field of potentiality.  It’s up  to YOU to be SELF-ish enough to reign in the awareness to this Divine positioning which has never left us…we forgot IT…


And to become a vibrational match to the glorious well-being that is the truth of our being…and to allow IT to become manifest in the physical world.  


Or, of course, just keep doing what you’ve been doing it you like how things are going.  It’s all good.


“That is why I tell you, as to whatever you pray and make request for, if you believe that you have received it it shall be yours.”  Mark 11:24


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IN-spiration Based Education vs Problem Based Learning

IN-spiration-Based Learning


As I awaken this morning, I’m compelled to post a blog about something that’s long been in my awareness, well, at least since I experienced a quite profound paradigm shift in the summer of 2009.


I preface by adding to this equation that the contrast which I subsequently experienced from the shift continues to strike me like a ton of bricks, but now I know how to manage that perceived weight and to redirect my thoughts from problems to possibilities which makes my entire life experience far easier to navigate…and my life expression far more reignited with passion and purpose…both in the classroom and out.


And in this personal paradigm shift, also lies the template for what I’m aiming towards in IN-spiration-Based Education for the point of this blog post.  In other words, administer the oxygen to yourself first and then to your students.  


Without having experienced the new paradigm for yourself, you cannot and will not buy-in for the paradigm shift in the classrooms.  

We’ve seen this proven again and again every time a new program is inserted into the new school year and dropped the following year…often too soon.


That said, I hesitate to write much more, because perceiving what I suggest will be met from your current level of “seeing.”  But here goes:  So many curriculums k-12 include a heavy emphasis on history and problems.  Elementary school children are exposed to topics such as graphic descriptions of scarcity, traumas, disasters, slavery, and the like, even prior to having adequate life experience and social-emotional support to deal with such negativity.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, pollution, holocaust, torture, wars, deadly bacteria, illness, injury…texts and videos sensationalized with fear-based vocabulary. such as monstrous, beast, and the like…while the background music score convinces the audience of the cruelty of a volcano…as if the Earth isn’t simply doing what the Earth has been doing naturally millions of years.


And yet, my point is that I now firmly believe that education can exist without having all of the problems, both historically and currently, laid upon these children.


Innately, they come to us birthed fresh and new with an inventive, explorative, creative curiosity.  It is time to evolve the curriculum to ALIGN with the solutions they are bringing to us, solutions which are tampered quite easily out of their imaginative minds as we begin to lay on a prescriptive curriculum through OUR OLD paradigms of What’s Necessary to Teach Our Students.


But again, it will be difficult to convince you unless you yourself has felt the same unrest in the topics your dispensing to the students.  Perhaps you yourself have felt the discomfort of having kids take on such negativity because it triggers something deep within you and makes you sad or angry.   Yes, I’m saying it’s time that we tune-in, up-level, and trust that there is a message in that feeling of discord.  It’s telling us to pay attention to the BRILLIANCE of a new paradigm desiring to be birthed through and AS us as we make a shift from Problem-Based Learning to IN-spiration-Based Education.  


There are MANY amazing inventions alive and well, and springing forth daily on this planet, and there could be MANY more as we begin to support our students in their inherent creativity, inventiveness, inspirations and collaborative innate ways of being.  


But it cannot be approached from a current mindset.  You’ll just argue the point.


As educators awaken to that IN-spiration for themselves and begin to say NO to one curriculum and YES to a more inspirational, motivational, creative, collaborative, supportive paradigm, we have the power (always have had it) to evolve the system towards a more purposeful, fulfilling, life-expressing experience for ourselves and our students.


  1. Reframing who and what we are.
  2. Aligning with IN-spiration vs. Dispensing of Knowledge
  3. Allowing IN-vention to out-flow


Addressing #1:  Rather than re-write Teach BE-Cause right here in the post, I would invite educators to grab a copy for themselves and take the inward journey and complete the ReMINDing Education workshop which is currently available in paperback.  


Addressing #2:  Once in a congruent mindset with making the move from problem-oriented curriculums to that of SOLUTION-BASED CURRICULUMS, then you’re ready for the IN-spiration-Based education that is currently IN-spiring this post.  In other words, what inspires you to teach will shift as a result of your OWN paradigm shift…it can be no other way.


Addressing #3:  For ourselves as educators, as well as our students, what subsequently follows a paradigm shift in al ALLOWANCE for invention to outflow and outpicture as the new “meeting of objectives” takes on a more organic form.  TRUST that there are solutions we haven’t even been able to perceive whilst stuck in a current level of awareness and belief structures…and this allowance is MADE SIMPLE from the new paradigm…it’s a natural consequence of having “done the inner work.”

Teach BE-CAUSE bringing possibility to education

BELIEVE that more is possible.


Teach BE-Cause and ReMINDing Education…keys to fulfillment and efficacy in education.

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You Can’t See THIS Person…Who is it?

There is one person in the room who you cannot see…can you guess who it is?

It is you.

(Looking in the mirror doesn’t count.)

You cannot directly see your face…ever.

You are the consciousness peering out from behind those eyes.

You are the awareness of your “person”, but cannot see him/her.

THUS, so it is true for all others.  It must be this way.

(Yes, deep thoughts, deep realizations…because it’s who and what we are…may as well get used to it if you’re looking for a change.)

No one can see themselves directly as a “person”.

So as a result, in reality, we are all consciousness communicating with consciousness.  

The illusion is that persons are communicating with persons, thus the discord and disconnect.  We judge by appearances.  We make assumptions about what is driving their words and behaviors, mostly because we are un-aware of our own.  We are operating as reactionary beings towards other perceived persons…


We awaken to our own SELF AWARENESS…first and foremost…this is the SHIFT which drives all change.  

Perhaps by GRACE we awaken to this PURE AWARENESS of our own SELF.

And then we realize that no one else is seeing themselves either and we begin to authentically communicate with the CONSCIOUSNESS that we are addressing in “them.”

THIS communication comes from a much broader space of BE-ing.

THIS communication channels through the heart.

THIS commune-ication assumes nothing now, and relates purely with authentic compassion, UNITY, and infinite potentiality.

THIS commune-ication declares and calls forth the BEST in the “perceived other”, and as a direct consequence opens the door for exactly THAT to show up.

Until we begin to acknowledge one another as PURE AWARENESS streaming through these perceived persons, we can expect a struggle in how we manage behaviors…it’s simply not complete without this level of development.  We cannot expect our students to be able to think about their own words and actions, without some sense of SELF noticing for ourselves.  

Remember, the next time you interact with others…they cannot SEE that person…for they are the CONSCIOUSNESS, not the “person” that you were expecting.

“I in them and you in me–so that they may be brought to complete unity.”  John 17:23


Teach BE-Cause…the inward journey to fulfillment and efficacy.

Teach BE-CAUSE bringing possibility to education

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Never Say THIS to your Students

Never Say this to your Students…

Never say what they are expecting you to say.

Make a game of it WITHin YOURSELF…

Catch yourself…


So many teachers have the poster on their wall stating the well-known, “You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results,” but teachers THINK this message is ONLY for the kids.

THINK again.

TEACHERS can’t keep saying the same thing to students and expecting different results in their teaching experience.

I continue to hear, “They’re wearing me out!”

Well, if this sounds like you, have a look at your own dialogues, both inner and outer.  If you want new results YOU must be willing to take on a transformed perspective of mind.  Period.

The old conversations are so predictable…“I’m not sure why your talking..”  “What part of QUIET do you not understand?” (cringing)

Create NEW ones!

Surprise your students with what they aren’t expecting to hear.

Flip the switch on the outcomes.



I hesitate to give examples here because I want YOU to be the ONE transformed by YOUR own focus…however, I will offer some instruction if you’re willing to breakthrough the old…



Listen for the OLD PATTERN, but DON’T speak it aloud.  (In other words, YOU think about what you’re going to say BEFORE you say it, Teach:)

Next, listen for for an INSPIRED line which is in alignment with the BEST OUTCOME that you desire.  You see, YOU must be in alignment with the DESIRED OUTCOME and NOT the “problem” at-hand.

In a way, it’s as though you begin to witness yourself as a broadcasting signal and YOU must adjust YOUR FREQUENCY in the moment….yep, this is why you PAUSE and ADJUST THE DIAL.  

Teach BE-CAUSE bringing possibility to education

Here’s one way:  put your earbuds in and IMAGINE that THIS is YOUR CLASSROOM!


PRETEND until you can KNOW your REAL-ity as that which you DO WANT…and CHANGE what your students are now EXPECTING to hear from you.



ReMINDing Education

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I Just Got Here, a strategy of the Mindful Teacher

Imagine JUST ARRIVING in each and every moment brand new.  

Imagine not knowing a thing about someone else’s past, even a past as near as the last moment.

Then ONLY imagine what’s possible now from a steadfast perspective of LOVE only

and watch…

BE expectant



Miracle that comes in many forms…even your next inspired thought or spoken word…

Be Cause

You are AWAKE.


There is POWER, creative power, in this mindset.

Teach BE-CAUSE bringing possibility to education

First, you must  have noticed the synchronicities in life that catch you by surprise!?  Like hearing a song you were just talking about with an old friend, or receiving a text message from someone who had been on your mind last week…and so on…


Then, stop being surprised by these synchronicities and begin to EXPECT them and to ACKNOWLEDGE them when they show up “out of nowhere”, because YOU ARE in the driver’s seat on this when awakened to this KNOWledge.


Second, notice how pessimistic people are having “bad luck” and often “poor health.”

And the optimistic-leaning people are having, on-the-whole, completely the reverse.

We are in a perpetual dance of CREATION moment by moment, and WE get to consciously choose the direction of our experiences.  (Don’t waste any time arguing, “Yea, but…” cause I won’t listen to any of those excuses.)


GET INTENTIONAL about the direction of your thoughts and beliefs in the present moment and drop all prior knowledge of them, that or the other.  REfocus in the direction of what you DO WANT.  


ARRIVE again and again, FRESH to the present moment.


FOCUS, then reFOCUS, then reFOCUS.


“…I do believe; help me to overcome my unbelief!”  Mark 9:24


Unbelief is a trap of the mind…don’t be RUN by it, but, rather, OBSERVE it only.  Then watch as YOUR AWARENESS of mind begins to FOCUS in an optimistic-leaning direction.  You are at CHOICE of this.  Be determined.


It does little good to punish a behavior, at best the result will be short-lived.


EXPECT long lasting TRANSFORMATION when you begin to ALLOW what DOES WORK to unfold organically through STEADFAST BELIEF in its possibility. (Hint:  Stay away from the teacher’s lounge until you are confident in your NEWFOUND influence.)

EXPECT the BEST, from a level of soul.  EXPECT the BEST from the level of heart.  EXPECT the BEST because YOU KNOW it even BEFORE THEY DO, and allow this KNOWledge to unfold as the synchronicity you are “surprised” by.  





JUST get here….again and again and again.


ReMINDing Education 

Best Classroom Management Ever!

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What Looks Clearer, A or B? A? or B?

If you’ve been to the eye doctor, then this a very familiar question!

“What looks clearer, A (click) or B (click)…A (click) or B?”

“What looks clearer, the problem (click) or the possibility (click)…the PROBLEM (click) or the POSSIBILITY?” I ask you.

The PROBLEM, of course!  It’s right here in my face.  It’s all that I can see.  The debt, the cancer, the injury, the naughty kids, the rotten relationship, the abused childhood, the government, the healthcare, the budget…

Of course!  And in having our attention on the PROBLEM it’s impossible to even access the solution, for it’s  no where in the vicinity of MIND at this point.

…turn the other cheek…

In order to access SOLUTIONS, we must become aware of the vibe WHERE it exists.

The most important ACTION TO TAKE is a mental one.  It’s in the mental movement from despair or frustration, to the next better feeling emotion, and the next and the next and the next.  It’s in the mental movement of shifting from PROBLEM TO POSSIBILITY where the SOLUTIONS begin to inspire us.  It’s taking a leisurely stroll or ride in the car just to “get our mind off THINGS,” and to allow the creative new possibility to seemingly COME OUT OF NOWHERE.


Trust that there is a FIELD CALLED FAITH which is infusing our MINDS when we ALLOW ACCESS to it.  Call it what you will…the Divine, Spirit, synchronicity, luck (if you must).  ALLOW THE POSSIBILITY TO BE CLEARER than the problem.  TAP into the UNSEEN.  Yep, get your head in the clouds for a good while and bask in the vibe of the solution.

Allow what is not YET IN FOCUS, to gain momentum and become more clear day by day, week by week, year by year…and it will.

IN JOY ReMINDing Education for a fresh new look at education.



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Teachers Transforming Problems to Possibilities On the Spot

Today I visited kids that were so familiar…I know I’ve been their Guest Teacher sometime in the past because among them was a student, who, for whatever reason, is very conditioned to wearing a winter glove on his left hand.

Flashback–to a moment of time in the past when a male teacher, not that it particularly matters, was determined to have the boy remove the glove.  Since today was a 6th grade class, it must have been last semester or last year, so we’re talking about a 10 or 11 year old.  Sure the student may have been distracted with the glove, yet, other students could find lots of reasons to distract themselves from the lesser interesting lesson-at-hand, and still do.

I recall the teacher making such an issue over the glove, that the entire class was now off-topic and focused on the incident.   I recall there being such a feeling of dread in the air.  In truth, the glove was a non-issue, but the teacher was hell-bent on winning.

Today, I did nothing less than HONOR the individual and APPRECIATE the moment into unfolding perfectly.  It was clear that this student marches to the beat of a different drum…and THAT is okay with me.

“Thank you for continuing your notes, are you caught up with mine?” I said as I lead the class in covering the notes the teacher had left for them, and, as always, I roam the room continuously making sure that my proximity is felt and that they know as I drop in on occasion that I care.

“How are we doing?” rather than “GET BUSY!” or “I don’t understand what part of TAKE NOTES is confusing you?!”  (Some teachers just like to function there–time to level up, Teach.)

The Gloved One and I got along just fine today, in fact, he completed his assignment and had nothing left to complete for homework.

It’s all good…and I know I AM CAUSE in the Matter.

In JOY best teaching practices from the inside out!  Teach BE-Cause.



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How an AWAKE Teacher Picks Her Battles…

…she doesn’t…

She doesn’t HAVE any.

You see, it’s MOSTLY about pre-paving the way for a harmonious journey.

I’ve been doing that for some time now.  And the circumstances in which I find myself in are MOSTLY harmonious.

And still, when those moments arise which, in the past, would have caused upset or would have brought on the sense of needing to arm myself, per se, they OCCUR FAR DIFFERENTLY now.

There’s simply something about KNOWING that all is well, and that every student is, in TRUTH–a HIGH TRUTH, simply Divine, that battles simply fall flat.

I am inspired to the words which sooth and cause harmony, even when it means handing over that laser pointer, or have some down time in the office.  It’s simply not a battle–with me or the student.  They KNOW that ultimately I KNOW who and what they TRULY are…and I have zero “battles.”

“Battle” is a perception.  Of course, this day and age, if your seeing life through the lens of conditions and feeling the need to control them, “battle” will be the inner experience.  In this case, there is something to “survive”, to “overcome”, to “triumph over”, to “heal”, to “master”…and so on.

BUT there is an alternative.  WHEN AND IF you begin seeing life as an ever-evolving and unfolding event which is simply occurring according to YOUR vibe, then it’s easy to stand in the midst of perceived chaos and part the waters…knowing that PERCEPTION is everything.

It makes more sense if you’ve read my book, TEACH BE-CAUSE: The Vision and Re-MINDing Education: The Workshop which is available as a 2-in-1 paperback, at-home, self-paced, edition–see how easy we teachers try to make it for you!

Simply stated, your “battles” will disappear…then what?!  Think of all the great creativity that GETS to flood that available OPEN SPACE!!!

In Joy 🙂

Mindful Teaching begins with you!


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Enhancing Educator Fulfillment, Well- Being, and Efficacy through Mindfulness

Enhancing Educator Fulfillment, Well- Being, and Efficacy through Mindfulness


I’m not surprised to see more and more teacher, adviser and administrator journals promoting  the proven benefits of mindfulness in the classroom, as we always attract resources that are a match to our own awareness.


That said, educators who have witnessed the enhanced experience in the field and want to broadcast the great news, are the ones who are operating from an enhanced, mindful mindset already.  Do you see the conundrum?




It’s hard to get the attention of the burning-outers because they themselves are not a magnet to attract evidence at that vibrational frequency.  They are finding like-minded, complaining, burn-outs…and lots of bad student behavior and outcomes to support their claims.


I was there, i get it.  


I wasn’t hearing the good news until, as they say, I got blindsided with a “spiritual 2×4”.  LOL, that still cracks me up.


Whatever it takes to summons an awakening, it’s all perfect.  Maybe getting laid off, divorced, train-wrecked…it’s just a perfect match for where you’re at.  Until you finally get tired of being ‘where you’re at’ and begin to ask, “What am I missing?”


This vibrational opening allows the Divine to be heard.  

BE-ing Mindful Educators, we BE CAUSE for greater outcomes.

“Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” ~Revelations 3:20




What if it doesn’t all have to crash and burn before experiencing that, sort of, rebirthing?


WHAT IF you can do it on your own, deliberately?


WHAT IF you “accidentally”, ha…found this post which lead you to the perfect resource for jump-starting that new and improved fulfillment and efficacy in the field of education–or life in general, because of course there are no real boundaries and borderlines.


The NEW YOU doesn’t have to be scary or freaky or embarrassing.  In reality, no one will notice that you’ve changed because they are all busy being what THEY be.  The change in frequencies will have it all play out perfectly.

AND YOU get to benefit from a life that feels more IN THE FLOW than one of upset, challenge, and burn out.  


AND YOU get to BE CAUSE for others who BE in your field to experience the same.  


TRUST me, there is no greater reward than being in the flow with students.  For having the perfect, inspired guidance and responses for them day in and day out.  For allowing a young being, also having this human experience, to truly SEE for themselves what they truly are made of, and dump the disempowering stories they carry from time to time.
There is nothing better than going home at the end of the day and living this mindful awareness with family, friends, and SELF…noticing that in every moment  you are at choice about what the present moment REALLY IS and get to bask in the ease and Grace that IS right where you are.

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