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Teach Be-Cause Kimberly SmithKimberly Ann Smith, M.A. Ed, is 100% committed to bringing transformation to the field of public education through the message of her revelation, experiential practices and principles for living a life aligned with each person’s calling.

“Every educator deserves to feel the fulfillment of the passion which called them into teaching–and it’s so possible!  Every student deserves to be in the presence of an educator who is aligned with this ultimate satisfaction–daily, and in fact the evolution of the system is dependent upon JUST THAT.”

As a public educator since 1989, she truly gets the expanded joy and response-ability which everyone has the potential to experience as educators–and the children are ready for our own coming into this awareness of expansive possibility!

Kimberly taught middle grades mathematics until 2008, when the changes in her personal life shifted the trajectory of her experience towards personal growth–and the rest of her powerful story can be experienced through her writing, speaking and workshops–Get BOTH now in the new edition of Teach BE-Cause: The Vision & ReMINDing Education: The Workshop, 8 Powerful Keys to Burnout Prevention that Transform the Field From the Inside Out!

She currently resides in a suburb of Denver, CO where she teaches part-time, while dedicating time to the Teach BE-Cause project!

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