Ready to take your experience of education to the next level?

Whether it’s moving from burnout to bliss


Evolutionizing your CALL to teach!

 From Burnout to Bliss in 8 Steps or Less!


Hello!  I’m Kimberly Smith, author of Teach BE-Cause and ReMINDing Education.

I am currently seeking brave souls who are PASSIONATE about leveling-up their experience of teaching, administrating, or serving the field at ANY capacity.  If you have been CALLED TO TEACH, then you may be ready to experience FULFILLMENT and REJUVENATION in your vocation.

Here’s how to participate for FREE:

1.  Email me your request.  Video your answers to the following questions:  What is your CURRENT position? What CALLED you to teach?  What is your CURRENT experience of educating?  (It’s safe to vent here!)  What would you like to GET OUT OF THIS COURSE?  Agree to participate in FOLLOW UP interview of your experience. 

2.  Upon receipt, I will review your request and send you your free copy of Teach BE-Cause & ReMINDing Education.  Take your time and go in order page by page…resist jumping ahead or speeding through the processes and experiential practices in part 2. 

3.  After you complete the home-study at your own pace, and have taken time to implement the “KEYS” into your daily practice, video record your AFTERLIFE.  Take your time.  Transformation of paradigms and perceptions show up when you are out in the world noticing the contrast of then and now.  This entire process could and should take months!

4.  Videos and before/after stories may be published at a later date, however, will be anonymous unless you give your permission to be seen and heard publicly.

5.  Thank you for your participation in TRANSFORMING EDUCATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

I look forward to hearing from you! 




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